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The Sun Valley Experience – February 2023

What you’ll find inside February’s Sun Valley Experience Newsletter:
-Employee Appreciation Week
-Looking Forward:
*International Women’s Week Celebrations
*Blood Drive Sign Up
*Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speaker Series: “No Barriers” with Joel Barish
-Employee Ski + Snowboard Lessons...

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The SV Experience July 2022

Thank You Baldy Clean Up
By: Lauren Bourgeau...

JULY 2022
Thank you so much to everyone for your participation in
our first annual “Friends of Baldy Clean Up Day”! It was so
wonderful to see faces of all ages excited to conquer Baldy
and see what trash and gems they could collect – and there
was much of both! Thanks to you, we filled an entire 6-
yard dumpster with trash and are kicking off the summer
season with a cleaner, healthier playground.
While there were countless items of value, uniqueness, and
interest – we collaborated amongst our team here and below
are the prize winners for the day, as well as the raffle
winner for the 22/23 Challenger Season Pass!
Most Valuable Item:
· The Snowboard!

Most Interesting Item (we couldn’t choose, so picked two):
· The 1999 Paper Weight Award
· The Vintage Gillette Shaving Cream Can

Most Trash Collected:
· The Higher Ground Team

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The SV Experience – May / June 2022

Last June, our very own Tim Silva received the National Ski Areas Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Tim’s leadership and accomplishments are legendary in the ski industry and we are honored to work with him. ...

Last year’s award was presented to Tim virtually, and while meaningful, probably didn’t carry the weight it should have. Well, we want to let you know that was fixed in Nashville, TN when Tim was honored in person in front of 800 National Convention attendees. It was truly an inspiring moment for everyone in that room as Tim shared his story and brought to light some of what makes Sun Valley and the Holding family so unique and special in our industry. We’re so proud of Tim and so happy his family was able to see him recognized in such a distinguished way.

We are proud to have such extraordinary people on our teams, whether they’re here in Sun Valley or at any of our properties. They push us to be the best we can be and we are a stronger and better company for it. Our sincere thanks to all of you for your outstanding efforts this winter. Sun Valley continued to deliver on its promise of 100% guest satisfaction and each of you contributed in a big way to making it happen.

With gratitude and thanks,

Bruce Fery
Grand America Hotels & Resorts

Pete Sonntag
Vice President and General Manager
Sun Valley Resort

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